WARM WATER is a short film made in collaboration with Koen van der Kam during the sixth semester at St.Joost School of Art & Design.

In WARM WATER, Nathan steps out of his comfort zone by inviting Yael to his home. Insecurities about masculinity and assumptions he has about the expectations of romantic partners create tension during the date.


Cast Thijs de Boer, Djyna Hulsenboom

Director Joachim Westra DOP Koen van der Kam Screenplay Joachim Westra, Koen van der Kam 1st AD Denise de Lange 2nd AD Indya Suer Soundrecordist Vera Croonen Gaffer Thomas Heijnen, Sander Kok Production design & Styling Isabelle Hoendervangers , Malika Badloe Producers Joachim Westra, Koen van der Kam, Isabelle Hoendervangers Photography Meike Driessen PA Claudia Briggeman Editor Koen van der Kam, Joachim Westra Grading Koen van der Kam 

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