Filmmaker, writer, sound engineer. 

Joachim Westra is a filmmaker and screenwriter graduating in 2024 from St. Joost School of Art & Design. His graduation project, Geen Sjoechem, is a film that explores the tensions between traditional expectations and individual gender expression. He specializes in audio post-production for film and installation art, and his work often incorporates surreal elements to shed light on social issues.


artist statement

As a filmmaker and screenwriter, I am fascinated by the complex relationship between the individual and society. I explore how social constructs, particularly those surrounding gender, shape our worldview and interactions. In my films, I dissect these societal structures and challenge collective thinking.

I create multi-layered characters who reflect the diversity of norms and values in our society. Although my characters' beliefs don't always align with my own, they reveal the deep-rooted nature of our societal norms and values. I show why people cling to beliefs, even when it's confrontational or uncomfortable. By bringing these characters and their experiences to life, I aim to emphasize the importance of constantly questioning our own principles.

I often use surreal elements to shed light on social issues. These elements challenge the viewer to reflect on the possible constructed nature of our own perceptions and ideas. In my graduation film Geen Sjoechem, for example, I follow the mental journey of a conservative mother. She creates her own reality but ultimately becomes isolated due to the expectations she projects onto her loved ones.

As an activist filmmaker, I strive to offer new perspectives in a nuanced and authentic way, thereby creating connections between different groups in an increasingly polarized society. 


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