Geen Sjoechem

2024 (in postproduction)

Geen Sjoechem is a graduation film by Joachim Westra that explores the complex relationship between a conservative mother and her non-binary child. The film delves into the clash between traditional expectations and individual gender expression, highlighting the struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and their families in a society grappling with issues of identity and acceptance. By focusing on the mother's perspective, Geen Sjoechem aims to foster empathy and understanding across different viewpoints, promoting dialogue and challenging societal norms. Through its unique narrative and thought-provoking themes, the film seeks to contribute to the ongoing conversation about gender diversity and inclusivity.


Cast Susanne Middelberg, Geer Clerkx, Joeri de Bruin

Writer & Director Joachim Westra Production Daniël Smith, David Koster, Joachim Westra DOP David Koster 1st AC Tom Selbeck Co-Writer & 2nd AD Renee Schräder Gaffer Joep Hegeman Production design Soe Stein Styling Isabelle Hoendervangers Setrecordist & Soundtrack Tijs Leemans Edit Machiel van Hoek 

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